Law Enforcement & Corrections Physical Ability Testing

You must complete your Law Enforcement/Corrections Physical Ability Test (PAT) within 180 days of your written exam date.

Many options exist for you to complete your Law Enforcement/Corrections PAT. You may choose any of the below options to schedule!

  1. Schedule at a PST test location: Select a date that PST is hosting a PAT from our "Test & Event Calendar." The majority of these exams will be held in Washington State. PLEASE NOTE: PST only conducts the PAT for LEO & CO candidates testing for WA, ID, and AK. The ORPAT will not be administered by PST and must be scheduled directly with the agency. The fee to schedule with PST is $31.

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  2. Schedule a V-PAT: Our MOST FLEXIBLE OPTION! Sign up for a Virtual Physical Ability Test (V-PAT) and take your Law Enforcement/Corrections PAT for Washington State agencies anytime, anywhere. Specific V-PAT Test Requirements & Considerations apply. The fee to schedule with PST is $31.

  3. Schedule at a participating Anytime Fitness location: You may take a Law Enforcement/Corrections PAT proctored by a Fitness Trainer at Anytime Fitness locations nationwide. You will be able to select a date/time that works for you, providing you more flexibility in scheduling options. PLEASE NOTE: Anytime Fitness may only conduct the PAT for LEO & CO candidates testing for WA, ID, and AK. The ORPAT CANNOT be completed at an Anytime Fitness location and must be scheduled directly with the agency. The fee to schedule with Anytime Fitness is $75.

    Please review and ensure you understand the test requirements linked below. It is your responsibility to be aware of and inform your test proctor of which standards you must complete:
    WA State Law Enforcement
    WA State Corrections
    ID & AK States Law Enforcement & Detention

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Testing Coordinator
Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:30am - 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Phone: 1-866-HIRE-911

Have questions about our response to COVID-19?

Please check out our COVID-19 FAQs! Please keep an eye on our Facebook and Website for updated information. We are excited to recommence testing as we are able and look forward to continuing to serve all our Agency Partners and Candidates!

Is the PAT taken at Anytime Fitness any different than taking it at a PST location?

Yes and no. The events, standards, and requirements are the same (depending on which state/agencies you are applying to) regardless of where you take the exam. However, any running events that need to be completed at an Anytime Fitness location will be conducted on a treadmill, whereas running events completed at a PST location will be conducted on a track or outdoor facility.

It looks like there is a PAT event scheduled at an Anytime Fitness near me. Can I sign up for that one?

Each remote test is prearranged and is an individual appointment for one candidate. You will not be able to sign up for a date already on the calendar, but you can go through the process to register for your own event.

What is the V-PAT?

The Virtual Physical Ability Test or V-PAT is a secure way to take your physical ability test for Washington State law enforcement & corrections agencies without traveling to a PST testing site or an Anytime Fitness location. You can take the V-PAT on your own schedule, any time and anywhere that works best for you. There are specific equipment requirements and testing consideration before you register for a V-PAT. Please review before signing up!

What is the deadline I need to take the test in order to be considered for the next hiring cycle?

You can find each agency’s deadline and more information on the hiring process on our Career Opportunities page. If not, please contact the agency's Human Resources or Civil Service Department.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact the Remote Testing Coordinator.