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PST is an official collection site for Northwest Harvest.  Please feel free to drop off non-perishable food items at our office in Lynnwood. Thank you for helping those in need!





















































































Special Announcements:

PST Career Fair - April 15th @ Everett Community College



Spokane County Sheriff's Office Open House

March 28th @ the Spokane Valley Precinet


Future Women in EMS/Fire Workshop

Applications due by March 31, 2019!



NEW Fire Agency

Pullman Fire Department - Firefighter/Paramedic - ENTRY & LATERAL - 2 vacancies!

NEW Police Agency

Wyoming Highway Patrol - ENTRY & LATERAL - Multiple Vacancies!

Elma Police Department - 1 Vacancy!


If you are interested in adding on an agency, please log in to your account now.

Upcoming Testing Deadlines

Please click on each agency's name to view specific information about their testing deadline.

Agency # of Openings Deadline Date
Gray's Harbor Fire District #5 1 3/30/19
Everett Police Department 7 3/30/19
Thurston County Sheriff's Office: Corrections - Entry & Lateral 2 3/31/19
King County Medic One 6 3/31/19
Mount Vernon Police Department Park Ranger Est. eligibility list   3/31/19
Tukwila Police Department Est. eligibility list 3/31/19
Tukwila Fire Department Est. eligibility list 3/31/19
Renton Regional Fire Authority Est. eligibility list 4/1/19
Oroville Police Department - ENTRY & LATERAL 1 4/13/19
Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife  Multiple 
Eastside Fire & Rescue Multiple 4/15/19
Pullman Fire Department - Firefighter/Paramedic - ENTRY & LATERAL
2 4/19/19
Alaska State Troopers Est. eligibility list    4/30/19
Duvall Police Department - ENTRY & LATERAL 1 4/30/19
Washington State Patrol 90 5/6/19
Bellingham Police Department  Est. eligibility list 5/17/19
Wyoming Highway Patrol - ENTRY & LATERAL Est. eligibility list 5/24/19
Spokane Valley Fire Department Est. eligibility list  5/31/19
Kent Police Department 13 6/1/19
Tumwater Fire Department 5 6/7/19
South Sound 911 Est. eligibility list      6/14/19
Bellevue Fire Department Est. eligibility list    Late 6/2019
Valley Regional Fire Authority Est. eligibility list 8/14/19




Everett Police Department - The PST written and physical ability tests must be completed on or by May 23, 2016 to be considered for the next round of interviews! They are looking to fill 24 vacancies!

Getting started is simple.

  • 1. Choose your career path Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firefighter, 911 Dispatcher, Paramedic
  • 2. Research agencies View the growing list of available agencies we work with.
  • 3. Create an applicant profile Filling out your profile ensures that agencies have the information required for the hiring process.
  • 4. Schedule your test View our calendar for a complete list upcoming tests and locations.
  • 5. Download your free test packet A basic study guide and test information packet will be available in your account. Additional study materials can be purchased through our store.
  • 6. Take your test Be prepared to succeed when you arrive at your test location.

Typical expectations of hiring departments:

If invited by the agency, the next steps you may go through is a comprehensive screening process. This can take anywhere from weeks to many months. Each step must be passed before proceeding to the next. 

  • An oral board interview
  • An in-depth background investigation
  • Polygraph examination
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Medical examination & Drug screening
  • Academy & Agency training

Top 10 Ways to be an Outstanding Candidate

Public Safety Testing solicited from the many agencies we work with a listing of critical factors candidates frequently fail to adequately address in the hiring process. This list was produced to benefit YOU, the candidate, to enhance YOUR competitiveness for public safety positions by providing an awareness of desirable candidate attributes and characteristics as defined by the agencies themselves.

  • 10. Listen Carefully
  • 9. Know Yourself
  • 8. Candor & Sincerity
  • 7. Truthfulness
  • 6. Professional Business Attire
  • View the full list