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PST - Our Story


PST – Our Story

A brief history of candidate testing

There was a time when in order to become a police officer, firefighter, corrections officer or 911 dispatcher, you had to complete a separate testing process with each agency. It required you to complete application paperwork for each one; take a written exam multiple times; participate in each agency’s physical ability test, and submit separate personal history statements. In short, it was a lot of work.

Add to those burdens the fact that each individual agency usually conducted its exams only once per year — some of them on the same day. If a particular test date didn’t work for you, or if you chose to take one agency’s test over another, then you would have to wait a year for the next testing opportunity.

That was then; this is PST.

Beginning in 2000, PST revolutionized how public safety applicants are tested and, ultimately, hired. As a candidate, you can now complete one online application, take one written exam and one physical ability test, complete one PHS, and have your scores sent to one or many departments. You choose from hundreds of local testing opportunities each year across the United States, so you no longer have to figure out how to be at two places (or more!) at once. You no longer have to deal with the stress and financial costs of missed workdays, travel and other related expenses.

For nearly two decades, PST has had the privilege to work with hundreds of public safety agencies, helping them streamline their processes for hiring thousands of candidates throughout the Northwest and beyond. It’s truly an honor for us to help individuals pursue their dreams of giving back to their communities through a career in public safety.

Everyone at PST wishes you every success in the testing and hiring process, and we thank you in advance for your service and dedication.

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