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Public Safety Testing is pleased to offer Candidates the ability to take their written exams in locations around the United States, scheduled on an individual basis. Each exam is set up specifically for a Candidate, to fit their needs for both ease of scheduling and to reduce the cost of application.

Regularly scheduled test events are available in Washington State, Alaska, Nevada, and Wyoming. If you live outside of those states then you may be eligible to participate in Remote Testing and complete the written exam at an approved testing center in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Remote Testing Coordinator
Hours: Monday - Friday; 8:30am - 5:00pm (Pacific Standard Time)
Phone: 1-866-HIRE-911

Do all agencies allow Remote Testing?

You may only apply/test for agencies that allow the Remote Testing process. If you wish to apply/test for agencies not included in the list below, you must travel to one of PST's scheduled test dates/locations to complete both the written and physical ability exams.

How do I set up a remote test?

Setting up a remote test is easy! When viewing the Career Opportunities or Selecting Positions, make sure your Remote Testing filter is on. Any agency positions that have the Remote Testing icon are eligible.

Is there a testing center near my area?

We do all of our remote testing with the National College Testing Association. Please visit their website to see if there is a college near you that can proctor your test.

There are no testing centers near me that can proctor the exam. Can I have a proctor from a testing center not associated with the NCTA administer the written test?

Unfortunately no, you can only use a testing center from the National College Testing Association.

Can you accommodate testing in a country other than the United States?

We cannot accommodate remote testing outside of the United States at this time.

It looks like there is an event scheduled near me. Can I sign up for that one?

Each out of state test is prearranged and specific to one candidate. You will not be able to sign up for a date already on the calendar.

The testing center I have contacted will not let me set up an appointment until they have information about the test/the testing materials. What should I do?

E-mail with the proctor's contact information (name and e-mail address). We will contact the testing center and give them the necessary information for you to start the scheduling process.

When can I schedule my Physical Ability Test?

The Physical Ability Testing (PAT) will not be administered at remote test sites. Some agencies will not accept your initial written score without a PAT and others will not accept your scores until you also have a passing PAT. If the agency requires a PAT score, you must complete a PST PAT within 90 days of your written exam. Be sure to check each agency’s profile.

Your Physical Ability Test (PAT) will be conducted at a later date and you will be required to travel to complete the PAT either at a PST Test Site or at the agency.

What is the deadline I need to take the test on in order to be considered for the next hiring cycle?

You can find each agency’s deadline and more information on the hiring process on our Career Opportunities page. If not, please contact the agency's Human Resources or Civil Service Department.

What do I need to do after setting up a test date?

While you're waiting to get an e-mail about registering, get the Certifications and Liability Waiver & Release Agreement notarized and scan it to the PST office.

You will not be able to test unless you scan your liability waiver form to PST. Please email it to scan must be legible to be accepted.

If you don’t see your question answered here, please contact the Remote Testing Coordinator.