Public Safety Testing

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We provide agencies with an array of integrated professional services that are tested and proven to streamline operations and improve outcomes.

Agency Services

Pre-Employment Services

Our goal is to connect great candidates with great departments. We’ve developed a system that makes the process extremely cost-effective and efficient, increases the size and diversity of your candidate pool, and frees agency staff to focus on other tasks.

  • The PST System
  • Agency Support
  • Valid & defensible results

Investigation Services

Our team of respected and trained retired law enforcement officers has extensive experience in pre-employment background investigations, complex criminal investigations, workplace misconduct investigations, and state-of-the-art interview techniques.

  • Background Investigations
  • Workplace Misconduct
  • EyeDetect Lie Detection

Promotional Testing

Selecting the supervisors and leaders of tomorrow will often do more to shape an organization than any other decision an executive makes. Our goal is to offer the finest tools available to help you identify the best candidates at an affordable cost. We strive to deliver a process that is fair, objective, valid and defensible. Ninety-nine percent of the more than 1,200 candidates that have participated in a PST promotional process perceived their experience as fair.

  • Assessment Centers
  • Written job knowledge exams
  • Work Performance Ratings
  • Multi-component promotion tests

Executive Services

We have a pool of highly qualified and experienced former/retired public safety executives who are available to serve as interim administrators or department heads for a specified period while the public agency conducts a selection process for a permanent hire. Typically, PST puts forward two to four candidates for consideration, and the agency conducts their own selection process to identify whom they wish to serve in the interim role. The selected individual works as a PST employee, contracted to the agency at a negotiated rate.

  • Interim Chief/Administrator Services
  • Leadership Consulting

What agency officials are saying about PST...

  • "We are most definitely re-signing! Wild horses could not drag us away, and I am not kidding. We are very happy with your services.

    In fact, I have been asking my applicants from my deputy’s oral board today, if they thought PST was user friendly, easy to access etc. You have had excellent reviews, no dissatisfaction at all."

    Civil Service Examiner

    "Because of PST’s professionalism, excellent customer service, and work delivering on police testing for our agency, we might be interested in also switching our dispatcher testing to PST."

    Human Resources Manager

    "Their staff is professional, responsive and resourceful. The quality of their services is excellent across the board, and we appreciate that they make our jobs easier with their knowledge and expertise.

    With regard specifically to our promotional processes, the PST teams are sensitive to the particular needs of our agency, and adaptable to most if not all, of our requests. What we appreciate most is they have proven processes that are relevant, objective and defensible."

    Chief Examiner