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Investigation Services


Our team of experienced investigators conduct objective, lawful, and independent investigations for our clients. Our expertise is in pre-employment and administrative workplace investigations. With a wealth of experience and a reputation of upholding the highest levels of professionalism and ethics, we provide the most thorough and productive investigations, assessments, and audits.

Background Investigation

PST is a State of Washington licensed Private Investigative Agency. Our investigators combine for an unparalleled 350+ years of experience in pre-employment background investigations, complex criminal investigations, workplace investigations and state-of-the-art interview techniques. Services include:

  • Detailed Personal History Statement (PHS)
  • In-depth candidate interview
  • Positive traits & Areas of Concern
  • Reference interviews
  • Current & past employer checks
  • Client debrief
  • Detailed report

Records Checks

Our investigators have extensive experience in accessing and documenting a variety of public records sources, including:

  • Criminal & Civil Court Records
  • Outstanding warrants
  • Sex Offender registration
  • Social Security verification
  • Address verification
  • Driving records
  • Credit reports
  • Education verification
  • Military history
  • Internet & Social Media Research

Workplace Misconduct Investigations

Determining who should investigate alleged workplace misconduct is an important decision. As an independent, unbiased investigator, PST assists public agencies of all types, including state, county and local governments, fire districts, school districts, utility districts, correctional facilities, 911 dispatch centers and others.

Our expertise includes administrative workplace investigations, internal affairs investigations, as well as a variety of work with private companies.

For more information on our investigative services, please visit PST Investigations at

Our investigation services start with close coordination with agency management to review contracts, policies and applicable regulations, determine the scope, timing and procedural rules of the investigation. Once the details of the investigation have been determined, PST Investigations will conduct interviews, provide transcriptions, provide updates and prepare a final report with the factual findings of the investigation. If needed, PST Investigations can offer support for appeals or other administrative matters subsequent to the investigation.


Lie Detection

EyeDetect is next-generation lie detection technology and the only solution to measure deception based on subtle changes in eye behavior. It is the most accurate screening test available.

  • Used in employment screening & specific issue investigations
  • Used in court compliance cases, sex offender monitoring, etc.
  • 20 to 40-minute test administration; Results in 5 minutes
  • 3-hour examiner/proctor certification
  • Accuracy rates equal/better than the polygraph
  • Non-intrusive – no attached wires/sensors
  • Unbiased – automated interpretation

Public Safety Testing is an official Converus/EyeDetect Partner. Please contact PST if you are interested in learning more about EyeDetect, including an onsite demonstration of the technology.

Agencies using EyeDetect in their hiring process:

Kent Police Department Idaho State Police

Agencies using EyeDetect in their hiring process:

Kent Police Department Idaho State Police

What agency officials are saying about PST...

  • "Our Agency was thoroughly pleased with the excellent level of service provided by PST Investigations and our assigned investigator, Director of Investigations Greg Wilson.

    Their investigation process met our Agency’s tight timeline. They were readily available; their end product was precise, well-organized and the turnaround time was superb.

    Should our agency have a future need for an outside investigation, we will absolutely contact PST Investigations."

    Human Resources Manager

    "Your staff is excellent to work with and we appreciate your hands on approach to serving the agencies with which you do business."

    Civil Service Examiner

    "As an employment attorney, I have a frequent need for investigators when my clients receive complaints of employee misconduct.

    In the past year I have relied heavily on PST because its team of retired law enforcement officers has extensive experience in conducting interviews and drafting investigation reports. As a result, my clients have received high quality investigations that were completed in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost. I enthusiastically recommend PST and its investigations team."

    Firm Partner