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Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified



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Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified

Last updated on July 15, 2024
PST Partner Agency since January 23, 2020

Vacancies: 27

Important Information


Neither a PST written test or physical agility test is required for Police Officer BLEA Certified.

Community Information

  • A beautiful salt water port and 2300 slips in the largest public marina on the west coast.
  • Fantastic opportunities to enjoy the water including salmon fishing, crabbing, kiteboarding, kayaking, swimming and gray whale watching.
  • Panoramic views of the Olympic and Cascade mountains.
  • 1600 acres of spectacular regional and waterfront parks, trails, and treasured environmental areas.
  • Two 18 hole public golf courses.
  • Opportunities to enjoy sports at Aquasox Baseball games, Everett Silvertips Ice Hockey games or Ice skating at the Everett Community Ice rink. 
  • Arts and culture of all kinds including two symphony orchestras, 250 resident visual artists, five performance venues within two miles and public artwork throughout the City.
  • Lively restaurants and entertainment venues including Angel of the Winds Arena.
  • Affordable coastal living just 25 minutes north of Seattle.

Department Information

The Everett Police Department is a premier law enforcement agency in Washington State. We are community-oriented and work in partnership with the community to enhance quality of life and reduce crime through our core values of integrity, professionalism and honor. The department is heavily involved with our residents and provides outstanding services to the City.

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Area Information

County: Snohomish
Population: 112,249
# of Staff: 206 Commissioned, 242 total

Hiring Status

Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified has 27 vacancies.

Hiring is ongoing throughout the year. Follow all application requirements on City of Everett's website.

Salary Information

2024 Rates

$7,842 /month -  $10,278 /month

Benefit Information

The City of Everett provides a comprehensive benefits package consisting of the following:

Kaiser CORE HMO, HMA PPO and HMA CDHP Medical Plan.

Delta Dental Service Plan

Willamette Dental Plan

Employer funded VEBA

HMA self-insured Vision Plan

Benefit eligibility for the employee and eligible dependents begins the first day of the month following the employee's hire date. Premiums for Kaiser CORE HMO, HMA PPO and HMA CDHP Medical coverage are shared by the employee.

Premiums for Delta Dental and HMA Vision are paid by the City on behalf of the employee and eligible dependents.

The Police Association offers Voluntary Life Insurance for employee, spouse and children through AFLAC. The employee pays the premiums on this benefit.

LEOFF II employees are responsible for Disability Insurance premiums. All LEOFF I and LEOFF II employees must purchase a minimum Life Insurance policy through the Police Association.

It is mandatory that both the City and the employee pay into the LEOFF State Retirement System.

Two voluntary Deferred Compensation programs are available for employee participation.

A Flexible Spending Plan is available that allows you to make pre-tax contributions for Health Care reimbursement and/or Dependent Care reimbursement for those expenses not covered by medical insurance.

The Employee Assistance Program EAP is provided free of charge to employees and family members.

Benefits for vacation, sick leave, and holidays are paid in accordance with the labor agreement.

For more information regarding benefits, contact Benefits Coordinator at 425.257.8767.

Click here for full benefit details.

Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified Requirements

Category Requirement Required at time of...
    Test Hire
Written Examination No, not required
LEO/CO Physical Ability Test (PAT) No, not required (may be required later)
Minimum Age 21

US Citizen, Lawful Permanent Resident, or deferred action for childhood arrivals recipients (DACA).

High School Grad/ GED

Possession of a high school diploma or equivalency.

Driver's License Required Possession of, or ability to obtain prior to employment, a valid Washington State Driver License and the ability to maintain it for the duration of employment.
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult No adult felony convictions at any time.
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile None.
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes
College Requirement


Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certification

Successful completion of the mandated course of instruction at the Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Academy (BLEA), the Washington State Patrol Training Academy, or other academy recognized as equivalent by Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission standards within two (2) years of the application date.


  • Successful completion of all requirements as established by the State of Washington and the City for all law enforcement officers.
  • Excellent physical condition
  • Submission to an extensive background investigation which may include but is not limited to: FBI record check, financial records, previous employers, friends, relatives, neighbors (past and present), and polygraph (lie detector), psychological and medical examinations.
  • Not on the current eligible register for Police Officer-BLEA Certified, per Civil Service Rule 2.12.

Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified Disqualifiers

The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the automatic disqualifiers. Potential disqualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Category Disqualifier
Automatic Two or more traffic crime convictions. (DWI, Suspended, Reckless, A diversion or similar action is the same as a conviction, etc.).

Your traffic history shows a continuing and/or recent pattern of poor decision making.


You have been convicted of any felony charges - traffic or criminal.

Drug Usage

The use of marijuana will be evaluated while considering an applicant’s suitability. The frequency and recency of use will be weighed and may contribute to the disqualification of an applicant. Applicants must cease the use of marijuana and pass a drug test prior to receiving a final offer of employment.


No use of non-prescribed Adderall within the last year.


Any injection of any non-prescribed drugs regardless of timeframe (except Anabolic steroids, see Schedule III drug standards).


Any possession or recreational use of any non-prescribed Schedule I - V drug (except for Marijuana or Adderall) within the past three (3) Years. This standard applies to synthetic vrersions of Schedule I and II drugs.

  1. Schedule I (RCW 69.50.204) - Examples could include: Heroin, Morphine, Ecstasy, LSD, Peyote, GHB, Methaqualone, mushrooms (Psilocybin).
  2. Schedule II (RCW 69.50.206) - Examples could include: Opium, Cocaine, Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Amphetamine, Depressants, Hallucinogenic substances, etc.
  3. Schedule III (RCW 69.50.208) Examples could include: Stimulants, Depressants, Ketamine, Anabolic steroids, Hallucinogenic substances, etc.
  4. Schedule IV (RCW 69.50.210) - Examples could include: Barbital, Diazepam, Fludiazepam, Halazepam, Lorazepam, Phenobarbital, etc.
  5. Shcedule V (RCW 69.50.212)
Automatic Any illegal use of drugs after submitting an application with any law enforcement agency.

Any illegal use of drugs while employed by a law enforcement agency.


Any pattern of prescription drug abuse within the past five (5) years.


Any intentional inhalation (huffing) of any aerosol or substance (nitrous oxide, whippets, paint, glue, DXM, etc.) in the past three (3) years.


Any participation in the manufacture, selling, offering to sell, distribution or transportation of sale of any illegal drugs/narcotics, regardless of the timeframe.


Marijuana use within the past three (3) years will be evaluated for disqualification.


The use of CBD oil, or similar products that contain THC, marijuana derivatives, byproducts or concentrates, within 12 months of application will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. All applicants must cease the use of such products and pass a drug screen prior to receiving a final offer of employment.

Criminal Activity

You have been convicted of any crime involving false swearing.


You do not successfully pass a Department polygraph.


You have been convicted of a domestic violence related crime.


You are barred from legally possessing a firearm.


You have engaged in any illegal sexual activity equivalent to a felony level crime. (e.g., rape, child molestation, indecent liberties, child pornography).


You have recently or are currently misrepresenting yourself or ignoring any laws (e.g. not paying taxes, using a false address for school tuition purposes, etc.).


Illegal activity equivalent to a misdemeanor level crime will be evaluated for disqualification.


You have been dishonorably discharged from the armed services.


Your work history shows a pattern of unexcused absences, discipline, or discharge.


Your financial affairs or personal life shows a history of poor judgment and refusal to confront problems (e.g., nonpayment of child support, ignoring overdue bills, etc.).


People who know you have doubts about your honesty, integrity, or character.


You are unable to pass the Everett Police Dept. Physical Fitness Test.


Affiliations with extremist groups, or organizations that would discredit the law enforcement profession and / or City of Everett.

Contact Information

Everett Police Department - BLEA Certified

2930 Wetmore Ave Suite 5
Everett, WA 98201 Snohomish County


Contact a Recruiter
Agency Test Requirements
Written Examination: No, not required
PAT: No, not required (may be required later)

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