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FST: Study Guide (For Firefighter Applicants)


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The purpose of this guide is to enable you to efficiently and effectively prepare to participate in the administration of the Firefighter Selection Tool™ (FST™), a state-of-the-art test to identify those individuals who will excel in firefighting careers. The FST™ will be a critical hurdle in the pathway toward achieving an employment opportunity as a firefighter. This guide seeks to provide critical information about the FST™ that will allow you to prepare for the test-taking experience, hone your cognitive skills, minimize test-related anxiety and ultimately perform at your peak level. Practice items from each dimension type are included; in addition, a detailed a methodology of how to answer items from each dimension is provided.

Examinations can vary greatly in form and composition; therefore, we encourage you to be discerning about any other resources you may use to prepare for the FST™. This guide was created specifically for the FST™ by the publisher of the FST™. No other source of information will be as informative or accurate concerning the content and construction of the FST™.

Table of Contents:
1. Preparing for a Fire Service Career
2. What Does the FST Measure?
3. How is the FST Scored?
4. Rules Governing the Testing Process
5. Test Preparation
6. Example Cognitive Ability Questions
7. Diagnostic Cognitive Ability Questions
8. Non-Cognitive Questions
9. Before the Test
10. Answer Key

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This Preparation Guide is intended solely for use by candidates/applicants who are preparing to participate in a testing process for a municipal, county, state or federal agency that will administer the Firefighter Selection Tool™, herein referred to as the FST™, as part of its testing and selection process.

This Preparation Guide is intended for distribution ONLY to candidates/applicants as described above or to approved representatives of municipal, county, state or federal agencies in conjunction with the administration of an agency-approved testing process. Distribution to any outside parties is expressly forbidden.

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