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Vancouver Police Department - Police Officer

Last updated on August 18, 2023
PST Partner Agency since October 19, 2011

Vacancies: 6

Important Information

We are now offering a $10,000 Entry Level bonus and a $25,000 Lateral bonus

VPD offers the best schedule in policing with 4 and 5 day weekends. 

Salary $80,000 - $107,000 per year

Full Benefits Package

Community Information

The City of Vancouver, Washington is located in the southwestern part of the state, on the north bank of the Columbia River directly across from Portland, Oregon. The city has a population of approximately 194,000+ residents and encompasses just over 51 square miles. Vancouver, the fourth largest city in Washington, combines the excitement of a major metropolitan area with the appeal of a mid-sized community and abundant recreational opportunities. The Pacific Coast, Columbia River Gorge scenic area, the Cascade Mountain Range, Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument and Mount Hood (climbing and skiing) are a short distance away.  Planned growth to the north of our city limits are expected to grow Vancouver to 300,000+ residents in the next 10-15 years.  With that growth, the Vancouver Police Department will continue to increase staffing, available specialty units and promotions.

Department Information

The Vancouver Police Department's authorized sworn staffing through 2023 is 242 sworn Officers and 63 civilian support staff. Patrol Officers work 10.5-hour shifts on a 5/4, 5/4, 5/5 schedule (on/off). Specialty and/or collateral assignments include Neighborhood Police Officers (NPO’s), Neighborhood Response Team Detectives (NRT); Honor Guard, Tactical Information Unit; Children’s Justice Center, Major Crimes Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, Elder Abuse Unit, K-9 Officers, Property Crimes Unit, SWAT, Traffic Unit, Gang Task Force, Digital Evidence Cybercrimes Unit (DECU), Crisis Negotiators, UAS (Drone) Operators, Field Training Officers, Public Information Officers and Drug Recognition Experts (DRE’s).

Area Information

County: Clark
Population: 194,000
# of Staff: 242 (authorized)

Hiring Status

Vancouver Police Department - Police Officer has 6 vacancies.

Vancouver Police Department currently has unfilled vacancies.  We will be hiring both entry and lateral candidates to fill these vacancies. Due to expected retirements, we expect on-going recruitment and hiring to fill vacancies. Further, population growth is expected to increase our staffing to maintain current services.  Our vacancy rate will vary, but may be as high as 20-30 in the coming year(s).  

Lateral candidates do not need to test with PST. Please visit to apply as a lateral candidate.

Salary Information

$80,148 - $107,412 per year. Education Incentive pay 2.5% Associate Degree / 5% Bachelor's Degree. Shift differential pay. Holiday compensation is 2.7% of base salary. Overtime opportunities at 1.5x base rate, or 2x base rate on short notice.

Benefit Information

Family & domestic partner health benefits include medical & dental coverage. Premiums for employees are fully paid by the City. New employees accrue vacation at a rate of 14 hours a month. Other benefits include a deferred compensation program, flexible spending accounts, life insurance, and sick leave. Retirement benefits are provided through Washington State Law Enforcement Officers' & Firefighters' Retirement System (LEOFF). The City participates in the HUD Officer Next Door program, which provides police officers a 50% discount on HUD-owned, single family homes in certain designated revitalization areas.

Vancouver Police Department - Police Officer Requirements

Category Requirement Required at time of...
    Test Hire
Written Examination Yes, required
LEO/CO Physical Ability Test (PAT) Yes, required

Your physical ability test must be completed 90 days (~3 months) before or after your passing written exam.

Minimum Age 20 1/2 years old
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.
High School Grad/ GED Yes
Driver's License Required Yes
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult None.
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile None.
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes
Veterans Preference Points Veterans Preference Points provided during in-house testing, added to total testing score, which can help determine placement on eligibility list.
Current Hiring Status Testing and Hiring for Officer Positions
Other Candidates will be required to successfully complete a structured oral interview and a panel interview prior to certification on an eligibility list. Interviews will be conducted in Vancouver on a regular basis.

Additionally, candidates must be able to successfully complete a behavior traits assessment, a thorough background investigation, a polygraph examination and post-offer psychological and medical examinations, and a drug screen.

Candidates who previously tested with VPD and were removed from a VPD eligibility list for failure to pass any portion of the background investigation process are not eligible for certification on a VPD list for one year from the date of removal from the eligibility list.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We only consider the most recent score

Vancouver Police Department - Police Officer Disqualifiers

The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the automatic disqualifiers. Potential disqualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Category Disqualifier
Automatic 1 or more traffic crime convictions in last 5 years (DWI, Suspended, Reckless, etc.).
Automatic Suspension of driver's license within past 3 years.
Automatic 3 or more moving violations in past 3 years.
Drug Usage
Automatic Illegal use of ANY controlled substance while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
Automatic Pattern of illegal use of prescription medication.
Potential Other drug use outside these standards will be considered on case by case basis.
Criminal Activity
Automatic Any adult felony conviction.
Automatic Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue that would prohibit one from meeting the qualifications needed to be a police officer.
Automatic Unlawful sexual misconduct.
Potential Adult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed.
Automatic Failure to pay income tax or child support.
Automatic Previous revocation or denial of certification as a police officer, or suspension of current certified status.

1. Any body art, tattoo, or other modification (such as branding or gauges) that falls outside of department policy, and is offensive. “Offensive” includes, but is not limited to any: body-tattoo, brand or modification depicting nudity, violence, sexually explicit or vulgar art or words, or that is objectionable or demeaning to the image of the Vancouver Police Department.

2. A tattoo signifying membership in, or affiliation with, a criminal enterprise, street gang, or any other group that advocates violence against individuals because of their race, religion, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual preference, or disability.


1. Engaging in the following behavior as an adult (unless the behavior was conducted in the regular course of duties as a law enforcement officer):

Knowingly producing, distributing, obtaining, accessing or possessing any visual depiction of child pornography, film, video, picture, computer or computer generated image of picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical or other means.

2. As a law enforcement officer knowingly obtaining or accessing sexually explicit images at work or in the workplace whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical or other means.


Discharge or dismissal from any military service that is other than honorable.

An "uncharacterized" discharge is not an automatic disqualifier and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Contact Information

Vancouver Police Department - Police Officer

PO Box 1995
Vancouver, WA 98668 Clark County


Agency Test Requirements
Written Examination: Yes, required
PAT: Yes, required

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