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Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer



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Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer

Last updated on February 27, 2024
PST Partner Agency since October 19, 2011

Vacancies: 2

Important Information

The Marysville Police Department is continuously accepting scores from PST.

Please view the job announcement at Custody Officer - Entry Level | Job Details tab | Career Pages ( on the City's website at for more information and to apply once you've completed and passed the PST testing process.

Candidates wishing to claim Veterans' Preference must upload a copy of their DD-214 or other official military separation documentation that CLEARLY indicates an honorable discharge from military service - either on the PST site or with the job application.

Please Note: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the disqualifiers, please contact the Marysville Police Department Professional Standards Unit at 360-363-8309.

Marysville PD pulls scores on a weekly basis.

Community Information

Marysville, a city of 73,780 people, is a code city with a mayor-council form of government. It is located five miles north of Everett on the north crescent of the Snohomish River Delta. Ideally situated near mountains, lakes, rivers, and the Puget Sound, Marysville endeavors to maintain its unhurried charm while experiencing rapid growth. Annexation of surrounding areas, families based at Naval Station Everett, the draw of the Tulalip Tribes Casino, residential expansion, and a marked increase in commercial and light industry have contributed to the growth. Services such as an extensive parks system and a strong utility infrastructure have expanded to meet these and future needs. Marysville is known to many as the "Strawberry City." The berry is grown abundantly in this region and is commemorated each June during the Strawberry Festival. The Marysville School District is recognized regionally for its education programs that harness the talents of its students and prepare them with skills for the future.

Department Information

The Police Department protects and serves the public and property within City limits, and maintains law and order round-the-clock in our community by deterring, preventing and apprehending criminals.  The department, composed of administration, support services, investigation and uniform patrol, uses nontraditional problem-solving to accentuate its standard operating procedures, yielding successful results.  The department joins in a cooperative effort with citizens to improve the quality of life in Marysville and be responsive to the community's needs to provide a safer place in which to live and work.  The department operates a 90+ bed municipal jail which holds both sentenced and pre-arraigned prisoners.  Custody officers work in the jail facility or may be selected to work in the court unit at the Marysville Municipal Court.

Area Information

County: Snohomish
Population: 73,780
# of Staff: 25

Hiring Status

Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer has 2 vacancies.

Vacancies are filled per Civil Service "rule of six" with six more names than there are vacancies to be filled forwarded to the Chief of Police for background investigation and selection.

Salary Information

2024 rates: Entry-level Custody Officer salary range: $5,726 per month plus benefits.

Educational incentive pay: additional 6% - 90 quarter credits or 60 semester credits or AA; 8% - BA/BS.

In addition to wages listed above, the City of Marysville offers longevity pay after 5 years of service. For more details please refer to the labor agreement available online at 

Benefit Information

100% employer-paid medical insurance premiums for employee, 90% employer-paid medical insurance premiums for spouse and dependents; 100% employer-paid dental and vision insurance premiums for employee, spouse, and dependents; 100% employer-paid premiums for long-term disability insurance; flexible spending account benefit plans; 23-25 days/year paid time off on patrol assignment; paid sick leave; participation in state retirement plan; variety of other employee-paid benefits, including deferred compensation plans, accident, and life insurance plans.

Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer Requirements

Category Requirement Required at time of...
    Test Hire
Written Examination Yes, required
LEO/CO Physical Ability Test (PAT) Yes, required

Your physical ability test must be completed 180 days (~6 months) before or after your passing written exam.

Minimum Age 21
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.
High School Grad/ GED Yes
Driver's License Required Valid Washington State Driver's License
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult None.
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile Will be carefully reviewed on a case by case basis
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes
Vision Requirements Must meet LEOFF II standards.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We only consider the most recent score

Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer Disqualifiers

The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the automatic disqualifiers. Potential disqualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Category Disqualifier
Automatic 1 or more traffic crime convictions in last 5 years (DWI, Suspended, Reckless, etc).
Automatic Suspension of driver's license within past 5 years.
Automatic 3 or more moving violations in past 3 years.
Automatic 2 or more at-fault accidents in past 3 years.
Drug Usage

Illegal use of illegal drugs in the last five (5) year(s). Other drug use outside of these standards will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Potential Other drug use outside these standards will be considered on case by case basis.
Automatic No illegal sale of ANY drug, including marijuana.
Automatic Pattern of illegal use of prescription medication.

Any use of marijuana, including marijuana derivatives, bi-products or concentrates within 12 months of application. Please note that while some states have decriminalized marijuana, it is federally illegal and custody officers are expected to adhere to all laws and regulations, on and off duty.

Automatic Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within seven (7) years prior to application for employment. 
Criminal Activity
Automatic Any adult felony conviction.
Potential Adult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed.
Potential Juvenile felony conviction will be carefully reviewed.
Automatic Unlawful sexual misconduct.
Automatic Has criminal proceeding pending or is under investigation for a crime.
Automatic Has a validated history of criminal physical violence, or has been convicted of a crime of Domestic Violence as defined by 18 U.S.C. 921 (a)(33)(A).
Automatic Maintains an on-going relationship with individual(s) who have been convicted of felony crimes and who are reputed to be involved in recent or current felonious activity.
Automatic Any affiliation with, and/or support of, any organization or group which advocates the violent overthrow of the state or of the United States Government, or whose professed goals are contrary to the interest of public safety and welfare.
Automatic 3 or more terminations, or leaving employer in lieu of termination.
Automatic Withdrawn from consideration for any (law enforcement/fire/corrections/dispatch) employment because of the following reasons: dishonesty.
Automatic Lied during any stage of the hiring process.
Automatic Falsified his or her application, personal history questionnaire, or any other forms during hiring process.
Potential Current credit accounts, or unresolved accounts in collection will be carefully reviewed.
Automatic Any conduct or pattern of behavior that would tend to disrupt, diminish or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession and the Marysville Police Department.

Contact Information

Marysville Police Department - Corrections/Custody Officer

601 Delta Avenue
Marysville, WA 98270 Snohomish County


Agency Test Requirements
Written Examination: Yes, required
PAT: Yes, required

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