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Chehalis Fire Department - Firefighter/Engineer

Last updated on March 15, 2022
PST Partner Agency since November 25, 2019

Vacancies: 2

Testing Deadline: December 03, 2021.

Important Information

Candidates must complete the PST Written and  any certified CPAT exam by December 3, 2021. CPAT must be within 180 days of hire.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the disqualifiers, please contact the HR Department at 360-345-1042 and ask to speak to Glenn Schaffer.

Community Information

Chehalis Neighborhood Profile


Chehalis     National Ave
Population of Chehalis 7,500    11535
Median Age 37.2 years    37.47 years
Median Household Income   $41244    $42350.95
Percentage of Single Households  37%    41.53%
Percentage of Married Households 63%    58.46%
Percentage Families (households with children) 25.9%    24.32%
Average Household Size 

Percentage White Collar 45%    47.14%

Cost of Living

Chehalis National Average
Cost of Living Index 101.5      99.52
Average Yearly Utility Cost 3023      3196.27
Average Household Total Consumer Expenditures $38398 per year      $41075.28 per year
Average Household Education Expenditures $352 per year      $450.93 per year
Average Household Entertainment Expenditures $2059 per year      $2207.08 per year
Average Household Transportation Expenditures $1445 per year      $1563.85 per year
Average Household Retail Expenditures $16948 per year      $18600.46 per year
Average Household Non-Retail Expenditures $21450 per year      $22474.81 per year

Quality of Life

Chehalis        National Average
Average Winter High Temperature 31.9 degrees     41.29 degrees
Average Winter Low Temperature   33.5 degrees     22.88 degrees
Average Summer High Temperature 76.6 degrees     86.56 degrees
Average Summer Low Temperature 56.9 degrees     62.35 degrees
Average Annual Precipitation 55.5 inches     38.69 inches
Air Quality Index 26     44.59
Total Crime Index     3.60
Personal Crime Index  3     3.43

Department Information

The Chehalis Fire Department was established in April of 1893 and has a proud history of protecting and serving the citizens of Chehalis. As you might imagine, the   fire department has seen many changes in the community over the past 123 years of existence, but the one thing that has remained constant is the Chehalis Fire Department’s unwavering dedication and commitment to serving our community. The mission of the Chehalis Fire Department is to provide protection to life and property in an expeditious and caring manner by utilizing a team of compassionate and highly trained individuals.

Chehalis Firefighters are proud members of IAFF Local 2510. We run approximately 1800 a year and have an excellent relationship with the fire departments that boarder our response area.  

Area Information

County: Lewis
Population: 30,000 (Day time) / 8,000 (Night time)
# of Staff: 1 Chief, 4 Captains, 8 Firefighter/Engineers

Hiring Status

Chehalis Fire Department - Firefighter/Engineer has 2 vacancies.

The deadline to test for the next hiring cycle is December 03, 2021.

Will be hiring two candidates within first quarter of 2022.

Salary Information

$5,035 - $6,066 per month until December 24, 2021

$5,111 - $6,157 per month from December 25, 2021 to December 24, 2022

Benefit Information

Very generous Health, Dental, Vision - HSA package and State Retirement (LEOFF II)

Chehalis Fire Department - Firefighter/Engineer Requirements

Category Requirement Required at time of...
    Test Hire
Written Examination Yes, required
Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) Yes, required as described below

PST or any verifiable/certified CPAT testing site within 180 days.

Minimum Age 21
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident

US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident

High School Grad/ GED Yes
Driver's License Required

Valid Washington State Driver's License

Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult None.
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile None.
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes
Prior Experience Requirement Minimum of 1 year as an active volunteer , part time paid, or full time career.
EMT Certification  Current WA State EMT Certification Required.
Firefighter 1 Certification Firefighter 1 certification required
Prior FF Experience Required At least 1 year of experience as a volunteer and/or paid Firefighter.
CPAT Test must be passed within 180 days of application.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We consider the highest score received within the past one year
Request/Access Scores On an as-needed basis as vacancies occur

Chehalis Fire Department - Firefighter/Engineer Disqualifiers

The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the automatic disqualifiers. Potential disqualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Category Disqualifier
Automatic 1 or more traffic crime convictions in last 7 years (DWI, Suspended, Reckless, etc.).
Automatic Suspension of driver's license within past 10 years.
Automatic 3 or more moving violations in past 3 years.
Automatic 2 or more at-fault accidents in past 4 years.
Automatic DUI - Convictions or misdemeanor felony passed 7 years.
Drug Usage
Automatic Illegal use of dangerous drugs or narcotics, other than marijuana, for any purpose more than 1 time in a lifetime, and no use within the past 10 years.
Automatic Hallucinogen use within past 10 years. No more than 2 uses total.
Automatic Hallucinogen use within past 10 years. No more than 2 uses total.
Criminal Activity
Automatic Any adult felony conviction.
Potential Any other convictions of felony or misdemeanor in the past 15 years will be reviewed case by case.
Automatic Unlawful sexual misconduct.
Automatic 1 more terminations, or leaving employer in lieu of termination.
Automatic Withdrawn from consideration for any (law enforcement/fire/corrections/dispatch) employment.
Automatic Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.
Automatic Lied during any stage of the hiring process.
Automatic Falsified his or her application, personal history questionnaire, or any other forms during hiring process.
Automatic Previous revocation or denial of (CJTC/POST) certified status, or suspension of current (CJTC/POST) certified status.
Automatic Failure to pay income tax or child support.
Potential Current credit accounts, or unresolved accounts in collection will be carefully reviewed.
Automatic Bankruptcy in the past 7 years.

Contact Information

Chehalis Fire Department - Firefighter/Engineer

710 NW Arkansas Way
Chehalis, WA 98532 Lewis County


Agency Test Requirements
Written Examination: Yes, required
CPAT: Yes, required as described below

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