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Battle Ground Police Department - Police Officer



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Battle Ground Police Department - Police Officer

Last updated on August 23, 2021
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Community Information

The City of Battle Ground is home to a current population of 22,180 and numerous businesses and service organizations who work together to preserve a strong sense of community.

With the number and variety of shops, services, and dining opportunities in the City, Battle Ground serves as the commercial and social hub for the larger north Clark County area with a population of over 80,000.

Located in the heart of Clark County, Washington, we are just 30 minutes from Portland, Oregon and the Portland International Airport. Battle Ground benefits from pristine surroundings while enjoying close proximity to the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan area.

Our community enjoys and thrives on the abundance of natural surroundings and recreational activities. Located between the Pacific Coast and the Cascade Mountains, Battle Ground offers many parks, lakes, streams, and forested areas that provide a multitude of recreation activities.

Department Information

The Battle Ground Police Department is a full-service, community-based law enforcement agency that consists of 28 sworn and professional staff members who are committed to providing the highest possible level of service to our community. Sworn positions include Uniform Patrol, the Detective Division, the Traffic Unit, a School Resource Officer, and assignments to the Southwest WA Regional SWAT Team. The department’s professional staff includes an Administrative Team. The department’s professional and non-commissioned staff includes an Administrative Assistant, a Records Unit, and a Property/Evidence Technician.

Our Mission

To work in partnership with the community to provide the highest level of service while protecting the peace, and upholding the law with fairness.

Our Values

Integrity: The integrity of the individual member and of the department must always be above reproach. Citizens of our community must always trust their Police Department and every member of our department has an obligation to uphold that trust.

Quality Service: Our responsibility is to provide quality service to all persons, in a professional and efficient manner, and without bias.

Respect: We value human life, and have considerate and courteous regard for all persons. We follow, honor, and defend the constitution of this country.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our decisions and actions.

Area Information

County: Clark
Population: 22180
# of Staff: 28

Salary Information

Police Officer salary range: Step 1 $5,712.71 - Step 5 at $6,847.24

Benefit Information

The City of Battle Ground offers a generous benefit package that includes:

Ninety-six (96) hours of annual leave to start.

Twelve (12) paid holidays (computed at time and a half and paid out annually in November).

Membership in the LEOFF 2 retirement plan.

Medical (PPO & HMO options), dental, vision and employee assistance program for employees and their family members.

$10,000 basic term life insurance policy and a double indemnity for accidental death.

A long-term disability policy.

The following incentives are also offered:

Educational incentive pay: Associates Degree (2%) and Bachelors Degree (4%).

Specialty pay of 3% for the following assignments: K-9, Detective, School Resource Officer, Traffic and SWAT.

Longevity pay after 7 years of service in the department.

All required uniforms and equipment are provided. 

Battle Ground Police Department - Police Officer Requirements

Category Requirement Required at time of...
    Test Hire
Written Examination Yes, required
LEO/CO Physical Ability Test (PAT) Yes, required

Your physical ability test must be completed 90 days (~3 months) before or after your passing written exam.

Minimum Age Must turn 21 years of age within six months of applying/testing.
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
High School Grad/ GED Yes
Driver's License Required Yes
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult No adult felony convictions at any time.
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile Not normally, but can be reviewed depending on circumstance.
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes
Vision Requirements Must meet LEOFF 2 Medical Requirements (WAC 415-104-595).
Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certification Must successfully complete the basic law enforcement academy after hire.
Veterans Preference Points Yes
Other Each applicant will be subject to a thorough background process. The process includes: background investigation, reference checks, fingerprinting, a complete criminal records check, a polygraph examination as well as a psychological evaluation and a medical exam, including drug screening.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We only consider the most recent score

Battle Ground Police Department - Police Officer Disqualifiers

The following are automatic and potential disqualifiers. Applicants should not apply to our agency if they indicate any of the automatic disqualifiers. Potential disqualifiers will be considered on a case by case basis.

Category Disqualifier
Automatic A DUI conviction, diversion, expungement or breath test refusal in the past five years.
Automatic More than one DUI conviction.
Automatic A misdemeanor driver's license suspension in the last five years.
Automatic An infraction driver's license suspension in the last three years.
Drug Usage
Automatic Any illegal drug use in the last three years.
Automatic Any use of illegal narcotics after having been employed by a police or corrections agency, or in a police or corrections capacity (including reserve officers and military police officer).
Criminal Activity
Automatic A felony conviction under state or federal law as an adult (some juvenile convictions that don't involve sex crimes, crimes against persons, fraud or moral turpitude may be considered).
Automatic A misdemeanor conviction relating to sex crimes, fraud or moral turpitude.
Automatic Any other misdemeanor conviction, diversion or expungement within the last three years.
Automatic Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
Automatic An attempt to elude conviction in the past seven years.
Automatic Been previously employed by a police or corrections agency, or in a police or corrections capacity (including reserve officers and military police officer) and has since committed or violated federal, state or city laws pertaining to criminal activity.
Automatic Had police certification denied or revoked in this state or any other state.
Automatic Been terminated by another law enforcement agency for lying during an internal affairs investigation.
Automatic Lied during any part of the hiring process.
Automatic Submitted an application or personal history statement that has been falsified.
Automatic Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.

Contact Information

Battle Ground Police Department - Police Officer

507 SW 1st Street
Battle Ground, WA 98604 Clark County
(360) 342-5007


Agency Test Requirements
Written Examination: Yes, required
PAT: Yes, required

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