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PST is an official collection site for Northwest Harvest.  Please feel free to drop off non-perishable food items at our office in Lynnwood. Help those in need.

Special Announcements:

NEW Fire Department:

Spokane County Fire District #8 Part time Firefighter EMT and Spokane County Fire District #8 Part-time - FF/PARAMEDIC - 5 P/T openings! 

Walla Walla Fire Department and Walla Walla Fire Department - FF/PARAMEDIC -  1 opening (initial deadline is January 31, 2015)

NEW Police & Corrections Department:

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office - LATERAL - 1 Immediate opening!

Island County Sheriff's Office - 2 openings (initial deadline to test is by February 14, 2015 (updated))

Island County Sheriff's Office - JAIL/CORRECTIONS - 2 openings (initial deadline to test is by February 14, 2015 (updated))


- Longview Fire Department - Firefighter Paramedic / Firefighter Paramedic Lateral 1 Opening! -  To be eligible for this round of hiring you must complete the written test and PST CPAT on or by February 11, 2015 @ 5:00! 

- Island County Sheriff's Office (Entry Deputy & Corrections) - To be eligible for this round of hiring you must test on or by February 14, 2015 (updated date)!

- Spokane County Fire District #8 - 5 part-time openings! To be eligible for this round of hiring you must complete the written test by February 10, 2015!

- Walla Walla Fire Department & Firefighter/Paramedic - 1 opening! To be eligible for this round of hiring, the written and PST CPAT must be completed by January 31, 2015!

-  Valley Regional Fire Authority  - To be eligible for this round of hiring all testing, written and PST CPAT, must be completed by February 6th, 2015!

Auburn Police Department has announced 6 immediate openings! Click on our Testing & Events Calendar to see upcoming testing dates!

 We're happy to announce the addition of the above new Departments as recently subscribing to our services.

If you have not yet registered through PST, you may apply to any of our agencies, including the above new agency, at any time via our convenient online application process. Apply Now

If you have registered but not yet tested and wish to add any agency, including the above new agency, you may do so by logging into your account and navigating to the Manage Agency section.

If you successfully completed the PST exam within the past 180 days and qualify to send your scores to this agency you may do so without testing again. Log in to your account now and click on the "New Agencies" link from the menu on the left. You scores will be instantly Made Available to the agency you selected once you complete the order.

Getting started is simple.

  • 1. Choose your career path Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firefighter, 911 Dispatcher, Paramedic
  • 2. Research agencies View the growing list of available agencies we work with.
  • 3. Create an applicant profile Filling out your profile ensures that agencies have the information required for the hiring process.
  • 4. Schedule your test View our calendar for a complete list upcoming tests and locations.
  • 5. Download your free test packet A basic study guide and test information packet will be available in your account. Additional study materials can be purchased through our store.
  • 6. Take your test Be prepared to succeed when you arrive at your test location.

Typical expectations of hiring departments:

If invited by the agency, the next steps you may go through is a comprehensive screening process. This can take anywhere from weeks to many months. Each step must be passed before proceeding to the next. 

  • An oral board interview
  • An in-depth background investigation
  • Polygraph examination
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Medical examination & Drug screening
  • Academy & Agency training

Top 10 Ways to be an Outstanding Candidate

Public Safety Testing solicited from the many agencies we work with a listing of critical factors candidates frequently fail to adequately address in the hiring process. This list was produced to benefit YOU, the candidate, to enhance YOUR competitiveness for public safety positions by providing an awareness of desirable candidate attributes and characteristics as defined by the agencies themselves.

  • 10. Listen Carefully
  • 9. Know Yourself
  • 8. Candor & Sincerity
  • 7. Truthfulness
  • 6. Professional Business Attire
  • View the full list