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Promotional Testing

 Custom-made Promotional Testing Options

PST offers a variety of promotional testing options that are valid and defensible, and can accommodate nearly every budget and number of candidates.

Using some of the best elements from our assessment centers, we can tailor a test to meet your needs - and your budget.

Customized Written Examinations

Using your department's source material, PST will develop a customized, rank specific written examination. If you want, we will even proctor the exam for you and score onsite.

Structured Oral Boards

We will develop a customized oral interview process tailored to your department and to the position. Working with your agency subject matter experts, we will build a professional process that is job-related and defensible.

We will help with rater/interviewer training, item development, and score reporting.

Work Performance Rating

Ever wondered if there was a way to incorporate a candidate's work performance and accomplishments into the testing process? This is it. Using assessors and documents that are evidence of a candidate's performance, specific behaviors are evaluated and scored.

Washington State Law Enforcement Supervisor's Written Test

This is a test of the candidate's technical knowledge to be a first level supervisor of peace officers. Topics include Washington State laws, recent court decisions, and aspects of police supervision. A part of the test is customized by incorporating your department's policies and procedures.

Candidate's Workshop on Preparing for Promotion

A lively and interactive 3-hour workshop that is popular with clients who use the testing process as a learning event for professional and organizational development. Participants learn about how to prepare for testing, what separates the top candidates from the marginal ones, how scoring is done, tips for success, and pitfalls to avoid.

Performance Profiles Assessment

A popular and valuable tool that comes from a candidate's participation in an on-line survey, the client agency receives a report about the candidate's job-related strengths, weaknesses and suggestions on how to help them improve. The candidate also receives a report to help guide them in their professional development.

Promotional Assessment Centers

PST provides two approaches to Assessment Centers that are valid, defensible, flexible and affordable, even to agencies that may believe Assessment Centers are cost prohibitive.
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