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Pre-Employment Services

Our goal at PST is to connect great candidates with great departments.  We offer a number of pre-employment testing services that will help you hire great employees.

  • Online application / test registration process
  • Written testing
  • Physical ability testing
  • Pre-Employment Background investigations
  • EyeDetect Lie Detection
  • Polygraph examinations

These services are available a la carte or as a package. As a package, the PST System revolutionized the hiring in 2000 and has since helped hundreds of agencies hire thousands of public safety employees. We do the work and you get the credit. It's that simple.

The PST System, as a comprehensive package, does the following for you (we do the work, you don't):

  • Recruiting assistance (career fairs, colleges, military, etc.)
  • Advertising (internet, military, newspapers, career fairs, etc.)
  • Written Examination administration across the United States!
  • Law Enforcement & Corrections physical ability testing that meets your local requirements
  • Firefighter Candidate Physical Ability Testing (CPAT) events & tests
  • CPAT Testing & Training Centers located in Kent & Spokane
  • Online test registration process for your candidates
  • Multiple test dates and locations – all year long!
  • You can recruit both locally and in other regions in the PST network
  • Continuously updated, pre-qualified eligibility lists
  • Comprehensive Personal History Statement (PHS) data on each candidate
  • EEO reporting
  • Easy account and candidate management features on our secured website

We do everything and give you the results – it's that simple!

What Are The Results?

Thousands of police officers, firefighters, deputy sheriffs, corrections officers and 911 dispatchers have been hired by departments using the PST System!

Agency representatives say the PST System:

  • Saves staff time
  • Saves money
  • Provides a high quality applicant pool
  • Provides enhanced diversity
  • The process is very appealing to today's applicant
  • Allows the agency to focus on recruiting, oral boards and backgrounds. They no longer worry about the initial testing process.

What Does It Cost?

Annual subscriber fees are based on the size of your agency. Agency feedback consistently indicates that the PST System saves departments staff time and money compared to traditional processes. Please contact us for a specific price quote.

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How Do We Get Started?

Just contact us! It's as simple as that. We are happy to meet with your agency if you are interested in our Pre-Employment Testing System or other services. Our revolutionary system will help you hire great people while saving time and money.

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What Do The Candidates Think Of This?

The following are just a few of the many unsolicited comments we have received from candidates who have tested with PST.

  • “I tested in University Place, Washington yesterday for LEO and I wanted to say how impressed I am with the organization of events and professionalism that was displayed with your company. I have tested with one of your competitors and you outshine them by a long shot. Keep up the good work!” Aaron
  • “Your professionalism and attitude of customer service is refreshing after dealing with other testing agencies. I appreciate your extra effort to meet my needs and get answers to my questions quickly. You have done an admirable job in earning my future business and I commend you!” Rob
  • “It is because of your dedication for wanting applicants to succeed that I want to commend you and all of the staff at PST. Again thank you, it is appreciated and never forgotten.” Amy
  • “Just so you know, your Public Safety Testing was a dream to work with. Should the need arise again I would not hesitate to test with you guys again.”  Scott
  • “Thank you, I have to say that out of all the fire tests that I have taken your company host them the best that I have seen.”  Stephen
  • “I appreciate the opportunity to have participated in the CPAT testing this weekend. I recognize a lot of faces that really helped me during the orientation that I attended. I found everyone’s instruction and proctoring to be professional, accurate, encouraging, insightful, and invaluable to a successful test. Thank you to all.” Rachele
  • I wish to thank the instructors of the Interviewing class I attended on July 16. I thought the information was extremely useful and well presented. The whole experience from my arrival, to the setup of the room and refreshments, to the support materials provided, to the engaging information was excellent! I believe this is what I have needed for learning to successfully interview for years. I would also like to thank your staff for their diligent and excellent customer service I have received through emails, phone calls and at the PAT testing. Thank you! 
  • I just wanted to take a second and thank you for all the help everyone at your company does. It is easier thanks to you. Please continue to help people find the jobs they want. - Erik
  • I took the PST test yesterday and just want to thank you and your staff for a great job. The speech by the retired chief was very nice and calmed my nerves! At the physical, the proctor was very professional and explained everything very well. It was a great experience! - Carrie

  • I would like to compliment you and the staff on a very organized and professional service. This is the easiest it’s ever been (and I know; I took my first tests many years ago!) - Michael

  • I just tested today and I wanted to let you guys know that you run an excellent service. To be honest, I was really nervous about testing but your staff was so encouraging and friendly that I became comfortable almost immediately! I just wanted to tell you guys that you are an excellent company and that ALL departments should use your service. Thanks so much for your professionalism, compassion, understanding, and encouragement in this time of stress and nervous excitement. Keep up the good work! - Aaron