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Will you bring your services to other regions?

At PST, we are very interested in working in other regions around the U.S. Please feel free to contact us and we will discuss the details and answer any questions you may have. We are also willing to make a presentation in your area and discuss how we can work together to help your agency hire the best candidates while saving your department significant staff time & money.

What tests do you use and are they valid?

Public Safety Testing only uses tests that meet or exceed industry standards.  Our entry-level written tests are developed by I/O Solutions, Inc. and are state-of-the art, job-related, validated, provide no evidence of adverse impact, meet all federal, state and local guidelines and have high content, criterion and predictive validity. The law enforcement, corrections & firefighter exams measure the following dimensions:

  1. Cognitive Ability
  2. Work Styles/Personality
  3. Bio-Data
  4. Integrity/Ethics
  5. Situation-Based Judgment

Our physical ability tests for law enforcement and corrections are those tests required by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission & Idaho POST, and for firefighters, the IAFF/IAFC Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is administered. As we expand to other regions, we will work closely with local and/or state officials to administer physical ability exams that meet their requirements. Our test administrators and proctors are experienced and trained.  Your agency officials are welcome to visit any testing site to observe testing procedures and methods.

Does your service supplant civil service authority?


Our service does not replace or supplant Civil Service Commissions or HR authority.  We are merely an independent testing service for you. We provide you the raw scores related to the written and physical ability examinations.  You then process those applicants and certify eligibility lists as you currently do. We have, free of charge, model civil service rules available that your Commission can adopt.

Is this a statewide list? 


Applicants designate which subscribing agencies that they wish to apply to.  Your agency will only receive the names (and test scores) of those applicants that want to work for your agency and that have passed the written and physical ability examinations.  No longer will you have to deal with those that fail to show for the testing, those that fail the written or physical, etc.  We do the work and you get the credit.

How often will you test? 

We test frequently (multiple times per month) at locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and as we expand to other regions, in those areas as well.  In essence, your testing efforts will be taken on the road across the region and on a frequent basis.  For example, this past year we conducted more than100 test dates for law enforcement, corrections, firefighter and dispatcher candidates. Your applicants may test for your agency at any location we are testing! Please view our Test & Event Schedule.

When does the eligibility list expire?

With continuous testing, the eligibility list itself does not expire, the names on the list do. You will maintain a continuous list and we can provide you model civil service rules (at no charge) to adopt this method. Individual candidate names on the list expire 12 months after your eligibility list is certified.  The benefit of a continuous list is that you will always have an up to date list (with the best candidates at the top) whenever that hiring need arises.

Are you testing solely for my agency?


Applicants decide what subscribing agency or agencies that they are applying to.  One applicant could be testing solely for your agency, yet another could be testing for your agency plus a number of others.

When are applicant scores available to our agency?

As soon as we have verified and certified the scores and are certain that all records are accurate, scores and applicant data for your agency is available in your secured account on our website -- usually on the day of the test!

What if our agency has special requirements, such as a college degree?

Applicants have the opportunity to view information about each subscribing agency, including department information, community information, salary and benefit information, etc., and any special requirements your agency may have.  So, for example, if your agency requires a 2-year college degree, the applicant will have to indicate that they meet that requirement during their on-line application process.  We are able to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

What kind of advertising will you do?

We advertise extensively on the internet and in major newspapers across the region.  In addition, we frequently participate in job fairs, distribute materials to colleges and military bases, and pursue other marketing opportunities.  Subscribing agencies are provided “business cards” that can be distributed (in lieu of extensive application packets, etc.) by HR personnel, line-employees and others to prospective applicants – an effective and convenient recruiting tool!  We will provide a link to your agency on our website and ask that you provide our link on yours as well.  We have learned that this is where many applicants apply from.

Is it expensive for applicants?

As is common in many professions, we charge the applicant a testing fee for the convenience and flexibility of our services.  We spoke with many applicants in the development of our service and learned of the inconvenience of having to test individually for every agency where they want to work - applicants often have to take time off of work, travel many miles, pay agency testing fees, pay for hotel rooms, etc. - and they do this for each individual test they take.  Agencies also often test on the same dates and applicants must choose which agency they are going to test for.  Applicants indicated their willingness to pay for the flexibility and convenience that we offer – and the ability to apply to multiple agencies and take only one written exam and one physical ability test.

Can our agency continue its testing process as well?


Because, civil service laws usually prohibit multiple eligibility lists for the same class of hires, your testing process (written exam, PAT, etc.) would have to mirror our process.  We are pleased to say that both of the agencies that were originally conducting parallel testing in 2001 decided to use our services exclusively as they were pleased with the results experienced related to both police and firefighter testing.  No agencies are conducting parallel testing at this time.

How much will it cost our agency and what will we get in return?

For a fraction of what you spend now to advertise, recruit, process applications, conduct tests, etc., Public Safety Testing will do it for you.  Not only will your agency spend much less, you will have a better - and frequently updated - candidate pool!  Annual fees are based on the size of the agency – please contact us for details.

Public Safety Testing will:

  • Advertise - you get exposure statewide, region wide, and on the worldwide web
  • Market via colleges, military bases, minority newspapers, attend job fairs, etc.
  • Process applications - we handle the paperwork!
  • Administer the written exam
  • Administer the physical agility test
  • Provide you the names of candidates and test scores of candidates that have passed the written and physical agility exams and that want to work for your agency
  • Provide a comprehensive Personal History Statement (PHS) for each candidate
  • Provide a detailed report that describes how each candidate performed on each dimension of the written examination.
  • Provide other needed services such as promotional exams, assessment centers, polygraph examinations, EyeDetect lie detection, comprehensive pre-employment background investigations, workplace misconduct investigations, and other HR services.

What are subscribing agency representatives saying about your services?

We constantly seek feedback from agencies and applicants.  We are in continuous communication with our agency representatives and conduct annual all-agency meetings with agency representatives.  Some agency representative comments:

  • Just a note of appreciation on Saturday’s test.  I must say I was extremely impressed with your processes and your staff in the test administration.  Extremely professional and well thought out.  My confidence in your company could not be higher. 
  • There are three things I will never live without: my husband, my washer & dryer, and PST.
  • When we switched to PST, we immediately experienced a noticeable increase in candidate quality and quantity.

  • Cost effective, convenient and good candidates.

  • Great customer and agency support

Do you offer other services?

Yes. We offer a variety of customized consulting and HR services. These include background investigations, promotional examinations, assessment centers, polygraph examinations, EyeDetect lie detection, CPAT transportability studies, and other customized services.

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