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Duvall Police Department - LATERAL

  • Contact Information

    Duvall Police Department - LATERAL
    PO Box 1500
    Duvall, Washington 98019
    Phone: 425-788-1519
    Department Website

Agency Added: 03/19/2004 | Last updated: 11/03/2017

Community Information

The Duvall Police Department serves a population of about 7,183 people. We are one of the fastest growing communities in the state. We are small, yet diverse and rich in history and tradition. Our residents represent many walks of life and represent an exciting cross-section of occupations and cultures.

Duvall is located on SR-203, approximately 25 miles northeast of Seattle, halfway between Monroe and Carnation, and is fast becoming a favorite residential community for both commuters and for those who choose to conduct business in a small town setting.

The City of Duvall was incorporated in 1913 under the Mayor-Council form of government and currently provides a full range of services, including police, public works, planning, building, and some recreational services to include some of the nicest parks in the valley. The City of Duvall has over fifty (50) employees, from all walks of life.

Department Information

The Police Department provides services to the City of Duvall and contract services to the City of Carnation for the protection of persons and property, with a strong emphasis in community policing. These services include general law and traffic enforcement, criminal investigations, DARE, K-9 and emergency service coordination and support. The Department currently has 16 Commissioned Police Officers and one Police Clerk. (MEMBER of CSPA)

Area Information

  • Population Size: 7,183
  • County: King

Agency Requirements:

Category Requirement Required at time of..
Test Hire
Minimum Age 21   X
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. X  
High School Grad/ GED Yes X  
Driver's License Required Yes X  
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult No felony convictions and no misdemeanor within last five years. X  
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile No felony convictions whatsoever. X  
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes X  
Vision Requirements Vision must be correctable to 20:30   X
Basic Law Enforcement Academy Certification Passed a State law enforcement training academy; and, if from out-of-state, must successfully pass a State of Washington law enforcement equivalency examination within one year of date of employment.   X
Prior Experience Requirement 12 months sworn law enforcement experience in the last 36 months. X  
Other Candidates must successfully pass the Physical Fitness and Abilities Test for this agency.

This agency allows out of state testing.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We consider the highest score received within the past one year    

Agency Disqualifiers:


Category Disqualifier
AutomaticOne or more traffic criminal convictions in the last five years (DUI, Suspended, Reckless, Negligent 1st degree, etc.)
AutomaticAs an adult, any conviction for attempting to elude or Hit and Run within three years prior to application for employment.
PotentialSuspension of driver’s license within the past ten years.
AutomaticAny two convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
PotentialAs an adult, any conviction or admission(s) of attempting to elude or Hit and Run more than three years prior to application for employment.
PotentialAll additional driving and moving offenses will be thoroughly evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Drug Usage
AutomaticIllegal use, sale or distribution of ANY illegal controlled substance while employed in a criminal justice capacity (includes military police).
AutomaticAs an adult, illegal use, any sale, manufacture and/or distribution of any illegal controlled substance regardless of time frame.
AutomaticAs an adult, any illegal possession or use of marijuana within one year prior to application for employment.
AutomaticAs an adult, any other illegal possession or use of an illegal controlled substance other than marijuana within three years prior to application for employment.
PotentialAll other uses of illegal drugs, including use as a juvenile will be thoroughly evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
PotentialPattern of illegal use of prescription medication.
Criminal Activity
AutomaticAny adult felony conviction.
AutomaticAdmission(s) of having committed any act amounting to a felony under Washington law, as an adult, within five years prior to application or anytime while employed as a police officer (including military police officers).
AutomaticAny conviction under a domestic violence statute as an adult.
PotentialAny unlawful sexual conduct.
PotentialAny admissions of having committed any act of domestic violence as defined by law, committed as an adult.
PotentialAdult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed.
AutomaticPending criminal proceedings or under investigation for a crime.
AutomaticDishonorable discharge from the United States armed forces.
PotentialEmployment history with pattern of unexcused absences, discipline, terminations, or resignation in lieu of termination.
PotentialWillful failure to pay income tax or court ordered child support.
PotentialUnfavorable credit history, including excessive credit card debt or unresolved accounts in collection.
AutomaticLying during any stage of the hiring process; including all testing phases and the background investigation.
AutomaticFalsification and/or failure to disclose any potentially disqualifying information of the application including the personal history questionnaire or any other forms during the hiring process.
AutomaticPrevious revocation or denial of any CJTC/POST certified status or suspension of current CJTC/POST certified status.
PotentialApplicants who maintain an on-going relationship with individuals who have been convicted of felony crimes and/or who are reputed to be involved in recent or current felonious activity.

Current Hiring Status

Actively seeking Lateral Officer.

Number of Current Vacancies: 1


Salary Information

$59,508 - $73,798 annually (Lateral DOE)

Benefit Information

Medical, Dental, Vision and Orthodontics for employee (100%) and family (employee pays $60.00)
Vacation ranges from 85-200 hours a year.
12 paid holidays - if scheduled to work on holiday, employee will receive double time and a half.
Educational incentive pay:
- $100 per month AA Degree
- $225 per month BA/BS Degree
$100,000 Life Insurance Plan
Physical Training time on Duty
Fitness Incentive Pay
Pay Incentive range 1% - 4% of base rate for longevity.
Assignment Incentive Pay12 days annual sick leave.
Washington State Public Law Enforcement Officers' and Fire Fighters' Retirement System; Voluntary Deferred Compensation Plan (Department of Retirement Systems)