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Idaho Falls Police Department

  • Contact Information

    Idaho Falls Police Department
    605 N. Capital
    Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402
    Phone: (208) 612-8660
    Department Website

Agency Added: 04/04/2018 | Last updated: 05/15/2018

Community Information

Idaho Falls is the largest city in Eastern Idaho. Our community is the center of activity for Eastern Idaho. Within and around Idaho Falls, you will find 300,000 hardworking people, three institutions of higher education, major hospitals, regional airports, the Idaho National Laboratory, dozens of national retail outlets and restaurants, as well as many unique locally owned shops and eateries. Our area offers abundant recreational and cultural opportunities. In short, Idaho Falls has something for everyone.

Department Information

The Idaho Falls Police Department has its origins on or around 1891, when the town of Eagle Rock officially changed its name to Idaho Falls. In the early days, a village marshal enforced the law. It officially became a police department in 1895. Today, the IFPD is lead by a Chief of Police, Bryce Johnson, who oversees 140 employees - 89 sworn police officers and professional staff of 51 - that conducts the day-to-day operations and services of the department. The Chief and his Leadership team manage an annual budget of $13.8 million.

The Idaho Falls Police Department serves a resident population of approximately 59,000. Idaho Falls, which is the fourth largest city in Idaho, is a regional hub within Bonneville County (population approximately 125,000) and provides several amenities in the region. Idaho Falls is also a popular place for many visitors and tourists that travel through the tristate area. The area of Idaho Falls is 22.7 square miles, which includes 314.27 miles of city and state maintained streets.

The Idaho Falls Police Department is united in a spirit of teamwork to be an open, courteous and community-minded organization devoted to quality public service. We are dedicated to live by values, which reflect a genuine desire to care for the safety and well-being of the public we serve as well as the professionals who provide that service. In partnership with the people of Idaho Falls, our mission is to create an environment free from crime and the fear of crime.

Values are the most fundamental beliefs by which the organization operates. They serve as a foundation for how and why decisions are made.

Integrity is a concept of consistency of ethical actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity means doing the ethical, moral or correct thing even when no one else will know what you have done.

Honor is a concept of honesty, fairness or integrity in one's beliefs and actions. It is a source of credit or distinction, which merits high respect and worth. Honor as a code of behavior defines our duties and obligations to the people we serve.

Trust is a willingness to show consideration, care and appreciation toward others with a dedication to building relationships based on truth and authenticity. Trust is an action that denotes a positive regard or feeling of esteem for a person or other entity. Trust is both given and received.

Excellence is the quality of being outstanding. It is a talent or quality, which is unusually and extremely good. It surpasses ordinary standards. Displays of excellence are shown through acts of integrity, innovation, meeting all obligations, continually learning and improving oneself in all aspects.

Area Information

  • County: Bonneville
  • Population: 62,000
  • # of Staff: 135

Agency Requirements:

Category Requirement Required at time of..
Test Hire
Minimum Age 21 X  
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident Yes X  
High School Grad/ GED Yes X  
Driver's License Required Must possess a valid driver's license. X  
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult None X  
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes X  
College Requirement No    
Other This agency allows out of state testing.    
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We consider the highest score received within the past one year    
Request/ Access Scores On an as-needed basis as vacancies occur    

Agency Disqualifiers:


Category Disqualifier
Automatic1 or more traffic crime convictions in last 10 years (DWI, Suspended, etc.)
AutomaticSuspension of driver's license within past 3 years.
Automatic5 or more moving violations in past 1 years.
Automatic2 or more at-fault accidents in past 3 years.
Drug Usage
AutomaticIllegal drug substance usage or exposure within past 5 years.
AutomaticIllegal use of illegal drugs in the last 5 years.
AutomaticIllegal use of ANY controlled substance while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
PotentialOther drug use outside these standards will be considered on case by case basis.
AutomaticIllegal sale of ANY drug, including marijuana.
AutomaticIllegal use of dangerous drugs or narcotics, other than marijuana, for any purpose more than 10 time(s) in lifetime or used within the past 5 years.
AutomaticPattern of illegal use of prescription medication.
Criminal Activity
AutomaticAny adult felony conviction.
AutomaticAny misdemeanor, or felony conviction while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
PotentialAdult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed.
PotentialJuvenile felony conviction will be carefully reviewed.
AutomaticBeen convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
AutomaticUnlawful sexual misconduct.
AutomaticCurrently on probation / parole.
Automatic3 or more terminations or leaving employer in lieu of termination within the last 5 years.
AutomaticWithdrawn from consideration for any (law enforcement/fire/corrections/dispatch) employment because of the following reasons: criminal activity.
AutomaticBeen dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.
AutomaticLied during any stage of the hiring process.
AutomaticFalsified his or her application, personal history questionnaire, or any other forms during hiring process.
AutomaticPrevious revocation or denial of (CJTC/POST) certified status, or suspension of current (CJTC/POST) certified status.
AutomaticFailure to pay income tax or child support.
PotentialCurrent credit accounts, or unresolved accounts in collection will be carefully reviewed.

Current Hiring Status

The eligibility list is a continuous listing and maintained as scores are received from PST with oral board interviews conducted on an as-needed basis. The appointing authority will conduct background investigation & selection as vacancies occur.

Number of Current Vacancies: 5

Salary Information

A competitive compensation package is offered for this position, with excellent benefits including medical insurance, life insurance, paid holidays, vacation, sick leave, and PERSI retirement.

Benefit Information

A competitive compensation package is offered for this position, with excellent benefits including medical insurance, life insurance, paid holidays, vacation, sick leave, and PERSI retirement.