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Puyallup Police Department

  • Contact Information

    Puyallup Police Department
    311 West Pioneer
    Puyallup, Washington 98371
    Phone: 253-841-5415
    Department Website

Agency Added: 05/01/2014 | Last updated: 12/17/2018

Community Information

The City of Puyallup is located in the south central Puget Sound region of Western Washington in Pierce County. It is about seven miles east of Tacoma and 35 miles south of Seattle. With a population of 41,100 Puyallup is the third largest city in Pierce County and the twenty-ninth (29th) largest city in the State of Washington. The City's boundaries now encompass approximately fourteen square miles. The city was incorporated on August 19, 1890, and is named after the local Native American tribe and translates to mean "generous people."

Once the center of agriculture in East Pierce County, Puyallup has grown and matured into a city with a rich historic downtown and a modern, growing business district on the City’s South Hill. The City is connected to the major state freeways servicing Central Puget Sound and has commuter rail service with connections to Tacoma, Seattle and Everett.

Puyallup is the home of the Washington State Fair which is held every September. It is one of the ten largest fairs in the country, attracting over 1 million people during its twenty-one day run. The Fairgrounds and Events Center has grown into a year-round venue for conventions, conferences, trade shows and other events.

The City has a Council/Manager form of government and is a full service city except for Fire/EMS service, which is provided by Central Pierce Fire and Rescue.

Puyallup is close to lakes, the Puget Sound, and Cascade Mountain range offering great outdoor recreation opportunities.

Department Information

It is the Puyallup Police Department’s mission to work in partnership with the community to support a safe environment, to maintain the peace and to seek justice through service, ethics, respect, values, integrity, compassion and excellence. Our department structure includes a Chief, a Deputy Chief, 3 Captains, 8 Sergeants, and 44 Police Officers.

The Puyallup Police Department is committed to utilizing innovative strategies to prevent crime. Our agency adopted the Problem Oriented Policing (POP) philosophy to proactively seek out criminal behavior and activity, and study crime patterns and trends in order to implement directed enforcement. There is a sergeant and two officers assigned to this unit.

The Operations division has a four squad configuration, each squad working four twelve-hour shifts with four days off on a rotating basis. Each squad has a sergeant who supervises seven patrol officers. The division also includes a designated Traffic Unit, two tracking canines, and a patrol bicycle program.

The Puyallup Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for follow-up investigations on criminal allegations involving crimes against people, crimes against property, fraud, narcotics and juvenile crimes. The division is divided into two sections, Major Crimes Unit and Special Investigations Unit. Each Puyallup detective carries an average caseload of 25-40 cases.

The department operates a 52-prisoner (12 females and 40 males) misdemeanor correctional facility. In addition to Puyallup offenders, the facility is often used by other local law enforcement agencies. Current staffing includes a Corrections Lieutenant, two Corrections Sergeants and nine Corrections Officers.

Other units in our department include: Crime Prevention, School Resource Officer, regional narcotics task force, regional SWAT, Training, Drug Recognition, and several volunteer programs including an Explorer Post and VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service).

Area Information

  • County: Pierce
  • Population: 41,100

Agency Requirements:

Category Requirement Required at time of..
Test Hire
Minimum Age 21 Years Old X  
US Citizen/Lawful Permanent Resident US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident. X  
High School Grad/ GED Yes X  
Driver's License Required Yes X  
Felony Conviction(s) as an Adult Disqualifier    
Felony Conviction(s) as a Juvenile No Convictions X  
Ability to Read & Write the English Language Yes X  
Vision Requirements Ability to see clearly in both daytime and nighttime conditions. X  
College Requirement No    
Other Candidates must successfully pass the Physical Fitness and Abilities Test for this agency.

This agency does not allow out of state testing.
Multiple Scores from Same Applicant We only consider the most recent score    
Request/ Access Scores On an as-needed basis as vacancies occur    

Agency Disqualifiers:


Category Disqualifier
AutomaticReceipt of three or more moving violations (or any single violation of a potential life threatening violation, such as reckless driving, speed contest, suspect of a pursuit, etc.) within three years prior to application.
AutomaticInvolvement as a driver in two or more chargeable (at fault) collisions within three years prior to date of application.
AutomaticA conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs within ten years prior to application or any two convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
Drug Usage
AutomaticIllegal use of illegal drugs in the last 3 years.
AutomaticIllegal use of ANY controlled substance while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
AutomaticIllegal opiate use.
PotentialOther drug use outside these standards will be considered on case by case basis.
AutomaticNo illegal sale of ANY drug, including marijuana.
AutomaticPattern of illegal use of prescription medication.
AutomaticThe following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be considered automatic disqualifiers with no exceptions:
1. Any adult use or possession of a drug classified as a hallucinogenic within seven years prior to application for employment.
2. Any adult use or possession of marijuana within three years prior to application for employment if residing in a state where its use is illegal at the time.
3. Any other illegal adult use or possession of a drug not mentioned above (including cocaine) within five years prior to application for employment.
4. Any illegal adult use or possession of a drug while employed in any law enforcement capacity, military police, or as a student enrolled in college-accredited courses related to the criminal justice field.
5. Any adult manufacture or cultivation of a drug or illegal substance.
6. Failure to divulge to the Department any information about personal illegal use or possession of drugs.
7. Any drug test of the applicant, during the course of the hiring process, where illegal drugs are detected.
The following examples of illegal drug use or possession will be considered in relationship to the overall background of that individual and may result in disqualification:
1. Any illegal use or possession of a drug as a juvenile.
2. Any illegal adult use or possession of a drug that does not meet the criteria of the automatic disqualifiers specified above (e.g., marijuana use longer than three years ago or cocaine use longer than five years ago).
3. Any illegal or unauthorized use of prescription medications.
Criminal Activity
AutomaticAny adult felony conviction.
AutomaticAny misdemeanor, or felony conviction while employed in a criminal justice capacity.
PotentialAdult misdemeanor convictions will be carefully reviewed.
PotentialJuvenile felony conviction will be carefully reviewed.
AutomaticBeen convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
AutomaticUnlawful sexual misconduct.
AutomaticConviction of any criminal offense classified as a misdemeanor under Washington law within three years prior to application.
AutomaticConviction for two or more misdemeanor offenses under Washington law as an adult.
AutomaticConviction of any offense classified as a misdemeanor under Washington law while employed as a peace officer (including military police officers).
AutomaticAdmission(s) of having committed any act amounting to a felony (including felony-misdemeanor offenses) under Washington law, as an adult, within five years prior to application or while employed as a peace officer (including military police officers).
AutomaticAdmission(s) of administrative conviction of any act while employed as a peace officer (including military police officers) involving lying, falsification of any official report or document, or theft.
AutomaticAdmission(s) of any act of domestic violence as defined by law, committed as an adult.
AutomaticAdmission(s) of any criminal act, whether misdemeanor or felony, committed against children including but not limited to: molesting children, child abduction, child abuse, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, or indecent exposure.
PotentialAny history of actions resulting in civil lawsuits against the applicant or his/her employer may be disqualifying.
AutomaticMaintaining an ongoing relationship with individual(s) who have been convicted of a felony crime, and who are reputed to be involved in recent or ongoing criminal activity.
AutomaticRecent or ongoing affiliation with, and/or support of, an organization or group which advocates the overthrow of the United States Government, or whose professional goals are contrary to the interests of public and welfare of the community.
AutomaticBeen dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.
AutomaticLied during any stage of the hiring process.
AutomaticFalsified his or her application, personal history questionnaire, or any other forms during hiring process.
AutomaticPrevious revocation or denial of (CJTC/POST) certified status, or suspension of current (CJTC/POST) certified status.
AutomaticHaving been disciplined by any employer (including military) as an adult for abuse of leave, gross insubordination, dereliction of duty, or persistent failure to follow established policies and regulations.
AutomaticHaving been involuntarily dismissed (for any reason other than lay-off) from two or more employers as an adult.
AutomaticResigning from any paid position without notice may be disqualifying.
PotentialMilitary Record: Must have been discharged from the Military under honorable conditions. Any discharge other than honorable will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
PotentialCurrent credit accounts, or unresolved accounts in collection will be carefully reviewed.
AutomaticMissing any scheduled appointment during the process without prior permission.
AutomaticAny material misstatement of fact or significant admission during the application or background process shall be disqualifying, including inconsistent statements made during the initial background interview or polygraph examination or discrepancies between this background investigation and other investigations conducted by other law enforcement agencies.
AutomaticAny forgery, alteration, or intentional omission of material facts on an official employment application document or sustained episodes of academic cheating.

Current Hiring Status

This PST examination will establish an initial list of eligible candidates from which names will be selected to move forward to the City of Puyallup oral board interviews. Upon successful completion of the full process, an eligibility list will be presented to the Civil Service Commission for certification. This list will be valid for a minimum of one year.

Eligibility lists are created on the basis of competitive examinations which consist of a written test, a physical agility test, and an oral board interview, in that order. The eligibility list will be established with names in ranking order of those candidates who have successfully passed all three portions of the examination process.

In the event the eligibility list established initially becomes exhausted, testing for additional candidates from this selection process will be conducted.

Number of Current Vacancies: 4

Salary Information

$6,834.70 - $7,194.00 Monthly Salary.

Puyallup Officers have opportunity receive additional pay, including:

Patrol Shift Differential: Patrol officers working twelve (12) hour shifts under the 24-day work cycle will receive a patrol shift differential of 5.77%.

Education Incentive Pay (Bachelor Degree 4% and Associate Degree/90 Credits 2%).

Premium Pay:  5% for Detective and Police Training Officer; and 3% for Canine Officers, Metro SWAT Team and Pierce County Clandestine Lab Team assignments.

Longevity Pay, beginning at 5 years of service.

Puyallup Officers has opportunity to contribute to the qualified, deferred compensation plan, with the City matching contributions up to 4% of the employee's base wage.

Benefit Information

Group Insurance:  The City of Puyallup offers highly competitive, well regarded Group Insurance, with NO premium sharing for employees who meet the annual wellness incentives in the city's Wellness Program.  For full-time, regular-status employees benefits include City paid medical, dental, and vision coverage for employees and their dependents, plus life and long-term disability insurance coverage for employees.

Paid Leave: Vacation leave, sick leave, and holiday provisions are determined through collective bargaining for affiliated employees.  Currently, regular, full-time City employees receive 8 hours of sick leave per month and 12 holidays per year, and vacation days are earned at the rate designated by city policy or collective bargaining agreement. Collective Bargaining Agreements can be found on the Human Resources website

Retirement: Puyallup Police Officers are mandatory members of the State of Washington Law Enforcement Officers’ and Firefighters’ Retirement System (LEOFF). Employees and the City jointly contribute to the plan.

Equipment: Officers are assigned a take home patrol car, Glock pistol, AR-15 rifle, portable radio, and laptop computer.  All uniforms are provided.